A Way Out I - 18" x 12"


This is at Crosby, up the beach a little from the interesting, yet over photographed Gormly sculptures.

Every time I go to Crosby I get really different light conditions - this was my favourite trip. The weather was great and so were the clouds. I'd been waiting for the right conditions for a genuine in camera horizon-less shot for ages, this is no computer trickery or photoshop work.

This print is a minimalist black and white, long exposure, shot of a (old?) sewage outflow of the coast of Crosby. The photo was taken in January 2012.

This black and white long exposure photograph was shot using a Canon 600D; exposure details:

  • 45 Second Exposure
  • ISO 100
  • f22
  • 31mm

Print Size: 18" x 12"

This is print 1 of a 2 print set


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This is a minimalist black and white long exposure shot of off the coast at Crosby. This long exposure photo had an exposure time of 45 seconds.

This is the second photo in a series of two.

I print my photographs on Fuji Metallic 'pearl' paper. The Fuji Metallic medium enhances the silver tones, making for a very striking print.