Emerald Lake, British Columbia - 18" x 12"


Emerald Lake, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful spots in the Canadian Rockies.

This black and white long exposure photograph was shot using a Canon 600D; exposure details:

  • 70 Second Exposure
  • ISO 100
  • f9
  • 18mm

Print size: 18" x 12"

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

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  • Emerald Lake, British Columbia


This is a minimalist black and white long exposure shot of the stunning Emerald Lake in the Canadian Rockies. Rather than the standard shot showing the green water, I opted for my black and white style utilising contrast to highlight the natural beauty. This long exposure photo had an exposure time of 70 seconds, and was taken in late September 2013.

I print my photographs on Fuji Metallic 'pearl' paper. The Fuji Metallic medium enhances the silver tones, making for a very striking print.