Rockcliffe; Dumfries & Galloway - 18" x 10"


I've been trying to get some nice shots at Rockcliffe for years, the spot I've really got my eye on has yet to produce the perfect look when I've been. The sky and weather was brilliant for minimalism this trip, and I cannot complain!

This black and white long exposure photograph was shot using a Canon 600D; exposure details:

  • 100 Second Exposure
  • ISO 100
  • f22
  • 45mm

Print Size: 18" x 10"


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  • rockcliffe-minimalism


This is a minimalist fine art black and white long exposure shot of the at Rockcliffe, on the Dumfries & Galloway Solway coast. This extreme long exposure photo had an exposure time of 100 seconds.

I print my photographs on Fuji Metallic 'pearl' paper. The Fuji Metallic medium enhances the silver tones, making for a very striking print.